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商品コード: 20210430

140,580円 税込



サイズ:B1( W:728mm × H:1030mm )

Production Year: 2021/04/30
Title: faval_02
Size: B1 (W: 728mm x H: 1030mm)
Materials: panel, pencil

子どもの時の記憶と、子どもの視点にたった制作 私事ではあるが、多くの人に信じてもらえないが私は産まれる前や生まれてからの記憶(心情)を持っている。その時にどういう感情で何を得たいと思ったか、何を学ばなければいけないと感じたかなども鮮明に記憶している。
この作品は斜め上を見上げたときに、斜め下を向いて正面を届けている角度で構成しています。 大人の視点を基準にした美術作品の設置などは、これからの遠隔化時代にPCモニター上で作品が完結してしまうので、家族が未来への希望となる子どもを連れて直接鑑賞や行きたくなる作品を作りたいと考えている。作品を直接触ってみたい、現地で作品を見たい、大人になったらアーティストになりたい、鑑賞者や子どもたちにそのような好奇心やエネルギーの湧く感情を生み出したいと考えている。

Many people can't believe it personally, but I have memories (feelings) before and after childbirth. I vividly remember what my feelings were and what I felt I had to learn at that time. The little experiences and memories I felt may be left as a continuous idea for the future. There are many exciting memories of my childhood that will remain forever. The current production theme is "From the perspective of a child aged 3-4 years (average height less than 100 cm)".
Have you ever been in the child's point of view? The reality is that the products in the store are almost invisible from the perspective of children. Similarly for art appreciation, when taken to the side of the work, the angle of looking up is too strong for a small child to appreciate the work from the front. It is a work drawn to deliver "the scenery that you always see" when such children look up at the work from below.
This work is composed at an angle that, when looking up diagonally, faces diagonally downward and delivers the front.
The method of exhibiting art works from an adult's point of view will be completed in the distant era with PC monitors and the digital society. The family will want to go to the museum with their children who have hope for the future. I want you to interact directly, thank you, and wish you joy. I want to make such a work. The joy of being in direct contact with the work. When I grow up, I want to become an artist and create curiosity and energetic emotions for viewers and children.
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